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I’m sorry Teddy and I always win…

(This feels like a moment from mean girls, but I don’t mean to be sarcastic and such)

I love all of you guys. It’s just a poll. & in all reality if you didn’t want your feelings hurt then these things shouldn’t have been posted in the first…

I’m trying to stay very impartial about this situation but it isn’t fair that one couple push overs to vote for them while others are doing the right thing and not forcing others to move for them. That’s not a justifiable way of voting. -shrugs; Thanks for apologizing though.

Tessa sent me the link to the poll, yes. Did she force me to do anything? Not at all. -shrugs; 

It’s not that big of a deal, really.

Sooo, pretty much- get. over. it.  

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"Homegirl, this shit won't let me follow you >.>"

Homeboy, >.> figure that shit out.~

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